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Yes, relationships can be stressful frustrating challenging intense

Using my method, you can increase trust & connection with your partner and simplify your relationship with easy-to-follow tools and step-by-step practical solutions.

What we're all about

I was blown away by how simple and effective the strategies were, and we could see instantaneous results. I finally felt heard, and our conflicts transformed into trust and understanding, and we now feel like a team again.

Meet Thomas

I’m a relationship expert & author with ten years of experience helping hundreds of couples.

Helping couples and individuals is my absolute passion and life’s work.

I am also training as a tantra teacher, breathwork facilitator, and psychedelic facilitator, and I am currently studying as a counselor and somatic experiencing therapist.

I use tools from Emotionally focused couples therapy, neuro-effective touch, and movement medicine. 

My mission is to provide you with practical, easy-to-follow tools and solutions to make your relationship life simpler, more rewarding, and, most importantly, get you onto the same team.

The SCC Relational Method

The Spot, Calm & Connect Method

You can’t change behaviour without changing emotions. 

To achieve lasting results, you need to spot the pattern, calm the nervous system, and reconnect.

Your relationship’s emotions and behaviours are interconnected and inseparable. Using the SCC Relational Method, you will learn to better understand and respond to BOTH your partner’s behaviours and emotions.

You want a relationship that feels good on the inside and supports you well on the outside. A relationship that is emotionally intimate and connected. A relationship that supports your dreams. Let’s get started.


Zensensa Guarantee

Love it, or we’ll cover it! We'll refund you in full if you don’t like the first session. That’s how much we believe in the power of our method.
No other coach or therapist offer's this.

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