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Date: 26 & 27th November 2022

Location: London, United Kingdom


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This workshop was life-changing. I got pushed outside my comfort zone but in a very safe and held way that allowed me to grow. I feel much more "me" now, and it feels incredible to be able to set boundaries and express my needs so clearly. I had some significant shifts in my life after the workshop, and I feel more able to create the life I want.

The Life Force Method

The Life Force Method

The organism’s natural way of processing is bodily, emotionally, and then thought.

So we tend to get stuck in thought.

The method follows the natural flow of integrating experience through the body, emotions and cognition as a healing process that flows with how we organically process experience.

Restoring physical safety and playfulness is at the core of human flourishing and being able to engage fully and live authentically.

Calming the nervous system allows us access to our higher brain functions, such as collaboration and creativity.

Using movement, breath, experiential learning and authenticity and new YOU emerge. 

Let’s get started.

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Meet your instructor

Thomas is an author, coach, and facilitator.

He has worked with couples and individuals to reestablish safety and love, with trauma healing, people-pleasing, and transforming this into joyful and authentic living.

He is trained as a Somatic relational coach and is certified in integrative somatic trauma therapy.

He is also training as a tantra teacher, breathwork facilitator, and psychedelic facilitator, and he is currently studying as a counselor and somatic experiencing therapist.

In addition, he uses tools from Emotionally focused couples therapy, neuro-effective touch, and movement medicine. 

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