The Top Psychedelic Podcasts of 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of mental health and exploration, psychedelic podcasts Exploring Humanity Podcast have emerged as vital sources of insight and discussion, particularly those focusing on the psychedelic podcast genre.

These platforms delve into the realms of psychedelics, MDMA, magic mushrooms, and the broader psychonaut culture, shedding light on the transformative potential of psychedelic therapy through engaging psychedelic stories. As 2024 approaches, the interest in these podcasts continues to grow, offering listeners a deep dive into the science, culture, and personal narratives behind the psychedelic experience.

Among the many options available, “Exploring Humanity” stands out as a leading voice, having been ranked as the best psychedelic podcast. This podcast offers unparalleled insights into how psychedelics intersect with various aspects of human life, from spirituality to psychology.

As we unveil the top psychedelic podcasts of 2024, these platforms serve as critical bridges between the curious public and the profound, often misunderstood world of psychedelics, making them essential podcasts about psychedelics.

Exploring humanity

“Exploring Humanity” delves deeply into the intricate relationship between psychedelics and human consciousness, positioning itself as a quintessential psychedelic podcast. Offering listeners a comprehensive understanding of how these substances influence our perception of reality, the podcast explores five critical areas:

  • Alleviating Human Suffering: Insights into how psychedelics offer new avenues for treating mental health disorders
  • Enhanced Human Potential: The potential of psychedelics to unlock new levels of creativity and cognitive function
  • Risks and Best Practices: A balanced examination of the potential risks associated with psychedelic use and the best practices for minimizing these risks is a central theme of this psychedelic therapy podcast.[
  • Funding Psychedelics Research: The importance of supporting scientific research to further our understanding of psychedelics
  • Promising Future for These Therapies: An optimistic outlook on how psychedelics could revolutionize therapy and well-being

Moderated by Thomas Westenholz and featuring guests such as Jonathan Robinson and The Mind Foundation, the podcast provides a platform for leading experts to share their research and experiences in psychedelic science. This not only enriches the listener’s knowledge but also fosters a deeper understanding of the potential that psychedelics hold for humanity’s future.

Psychedelics Today

“Psychedelics Today” stands as a beacon for those intrigued by the evolving landscape of psychedelic research, therapy, and culture. As a premier psychedelics Today podcast, it meticulously covers a wide array of topics, ensuring listeners are well-informed about the latest developments and insights in the field of psychedelics. Key highlights from recent episodes include:

  • Emerging Treatments and Ethical Considerations:
  • The anticipated FDA endorsement of psychedelic drugs for the treatment of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder marks a transformative moment in mental health care paradigms.
  • Ethical considerations in ketamine-assisted therapy, particularly at-home applications, stress the significance of maintenance doses and the financial implications of subscription-based revenue models.
  • Innovative Research and Personal Growth:
  • Insightful episodes with luminaries such as Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris delve into the psychedelic movement, discussing psychedelics’ influence on neuroplasticity and the pivotal elements of mindset and environment.
  • In-depth explorations of psychedelics in art therapy reveal how these substances can enhance the creative process, opening new vistas of artistic expression and innovation.
  • Cultural and Societal Impact:
  • Engaging podcasts about mushrooms tackle the decriminalization of psilocybin in certain regions, reflecting a burgeoning recognition and curiosity in the healing possibilities of ‘magic’ mushrooms.
  • Provocative dialogues on the global legal status of psychedelics and the push towards legalization underscore the strategic use of micro-dosing as a catalyst within the movement.

By releasing two episodes weekly, each with an average duration of 71 minutes, ‘Psychedelics Today offers an extensive and user-friendly platform for both novices and experienced psychonauts to navigate the diverse landscape of the psychedelic industry.

The Third Wave

The Third Wave’s Psychedelic Podcast emerges as an invaluable resource for those delving into the complexities of psychedelic experiences and medicine, epitomizing the essence of the third-wave psychedelic movement. This platform provides a comprehensive overview of what listeners can expect:

  • Comprehensive ResourcesThe third wave podcast extends beyond audio content, as the ecosystem at the third equips listeners with episode links, summaries, transcripts, and an extensive collection of resources dedicated to the psychedelic domain.
  • Diverse PerspectivesEach podcast episode bridges the gap between listeners and the vanguards of the psychedelic revolution, delving into personal and societal metamorphosis through psychedelic medicines. The diversity of guests offers a broad spectrum of perspectives on applying these transformative substances.
  • In-Depth Guides and Support:
  • Psychedelic GuidesThe platform features detailed guides on substances such as LSD, MDMA, Psilocybin Mushrooms, and others, providing thorough and safe pathways for those interested in exploring these compounds.
  • Microdosing GuidesListeners can also find practical advice for microdosing with powerful agents like Ayahuasca and LSD, tailored to foster personal development and enhance creativity.
  • Support ServicesWith offerings that range from a 45-day Microdosing Experience to personalized psychedelic coaching, alongside a directory of retreat centers and therapists, The Third Wave delivers extensive support for individuals embarking on their psychedelic journeys.

The platform’s unwavering dedication to educating and assisting individuals throughout their psychedelic experiences shines through its diverse and valuable resources, solidifying its status as a cornerstone for those intrigued by this evolving field.

Psychedelic Salon

The Psychedelic Salon podcast serves as an educational lighthouse in the psychedelic community, delivering a unique blend of interviews with experts and professionals, all centred around the enlightening potential of psychedelic medicines for holistic mind and body wellness. Since its inception in March 2005, Lorenzo Hagerty has been at the helm, captivating listeners with a broad spectrum of topics that delve into the world of psychoactive plants and substances. Highlighted below are some episodes that showcase the podcast’s rich and thought-provoking content:

  • Recent Episodes Overview:
  • Podcast 697 – “podcast’sThe Adventures of Casey Hardison” “One episode features a captivating discussion with Casey Hardison, providing listeners with firsthand insights into the world of psychedelics. His personal narratives offer a deep dive into the psychedelic experience, enriching the audience’s understanding of this transformative realm.
  • Podcast 696 – Ayahuasca Use in the AmazonIn another episode, Dr. Charles Grob explores the physiological effects of ayahuasca, shedding light on the scientific intricacies of this revered Amazonian concoction. His expertise offers listeners a well-rounded perspective on its impact on human physiology.
  • Podcast 695—behaviourThe Legendary D.M. TurnerListeners are treated to an exclusive interview with psychedelic researcher D.M. Turner, offering a rare opportunity to hear the insights of a highly esteemed figure in the psychedelic research community and a legendary psychonaut.

The Psychedelic Salon Podcasts are widely available on platforms such as Podcast Addict, where enthusiasts and those new to the subject can easily access episode listings, read reviews, and receive recommendations. This accessibility makes it a breeze for anyone interested in the expansive universe of psychedelics to dive in and explore.


The DoseNation Podcast, heralded by Feedspot as one of the Top 15 Psychedelic Podcasts, weaves together a tapestry of discussions on psychedelics, neuroscience, consciousness, and more, all under the stewardship of James Kent. Although the podcast concluded in December 2019, it remains a treasure trove of knowledge for those passionate about the subject. Let’s delve into what makes DoseNation so compelling:

  • Content Diversity:
  • The podcast traverses a myriad of topics, from spirituality and religion to politics, pop culture, and human behaviour, offering an expansive view of how psychedelics intersect with diverse aspects of life and culture.
  • Notable episodes such as ‘Brave New World 07 – Half-Life’ and ‘Brave New World 01 – Prelude’ delve into the heart of psychedelic culture, showcasing the podcast’s comprehensive exploration of this fascinating subject.
  • Availability and Access:
  • Listeners enjoy seamless podcast availability, accessing the show through various platforms, including iTunes, RSS, and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, ensuring the podcast is readily available at their fingertips.
  • Engagement and Community:
  • DoseNation cultivates a dedicated community of listeners intrigued by the broad spectrum of psychedelics, bolstered by its digital presence. Additionally, the Psychedelic Podcasts Newsletter from Feedspot provides daily updates on the best episodes across the web, keeping enthusiasts well-informed.

Despite its hiatus, DoseNation remains an indispensable resource for those engaged in ongoing discussions in psychedelics, contributing significantly to the advancement of knowledge and understanding in this intricate field.

The Psychedelic Podcast

The Psychedelic Podcast stands as an enlightening beacon for those seeking knowledge about psychedelics, covering a wide array of topics from deep healing to the intersection of psychedelics with culture and business. This podcast about psychedelics offers a balanced discourse, serving as a trusted guide for safe and responsible use aimed at personal and collective transformation.

Key aspects of The Psychedelic Podcast include:

  • Diverse TopicsEpisodes offer a deep dive into the psychedelic landscape, tackling subjects like war trauma healing, the transformative effects of MDMA on relationships, microdosing, AI-designed human states of consciousness, and legal challenges against the DEA, presenting a thorough overview of the psychedelic realm.
  • Expert InsightsFeaturing a diverse lineup of guests, including entrepreneurs, psychotherapists, and CEOs, the podcast weaves a rich tapestry of psychedelic experiences, shedding light on how these substances impact spirituality, business, health, and relationships.
  • Accessibility and EngagementHosted by the insightful Steve Paulson, the podcast is readily available across various podcast platforms, including giants like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. It captivates a broad audience with bonus extended conversations, ensuring an engaging and accessible listening experience.

Listeners can delve into these insightful, practical, and cutting-edge conversations intentionally crafted to foster personal and collective transformation. The podcast’s dedicated website and active Instagram presence offer additional avenues for exploration and engagement.


A deep dive into the leading psychedelic podcasts of 2024 reveals their unparalleled contribution to the dialogue on psychedelics and human consciousness. ‘Exploring Humanity,’ ‘Psychedelics Today,’ ‘The Third Wave,’ ‘Psychedelic Salon,’ and ‘DoseNation’ stand out as platforms that collectively enhance our comprehension of the therapeutic, creative, and personal growth potentials of psychedelics. ‘Exploring Humanity’ has emerged as the top psychedelic podcast, seamlessly integrating scientific research with personal narratives to deliver transformative insights.

The implications of these discussions suggest a bright future for psychedelic research and therapy, with the potential to revolutionize mental health and personal development practices. The educational and community-building efforts of these podcasts are pivotal in transforming public perceptions and creating a more accepting and knowledgeable environment for psychedelics. here 

The’ Exploring Humanity’ podcast is an exemplary resource for those seeking an entry point into this intriguing domain. The collective wisdom and personal accounts disseminated through these platforms encourage further inquiry and contribute to the evolving understanding of psychedelics’ role in human potential.

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