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Transformative Integration Circles in Brighton Await You

What to expect

We meet on the first Sunday of each month to integrate, connect and build community.

Here are some of the experiences you might have if you join us.


Join us in exploring breathwork and meditation for self-healing and inner peace. Our guided meditations regulate your nervous system, ease stress, encourage reflection and integration, and tap into your inner strength and potential. Let us guide you to success.

sharing stories

Share your journey by the fire. Embrace vulnerability to connect. Reflect on how experiences shape you. Inspire others to find their path. Enjoy the campfire's spark.

Embodied Dance

Dancing can bring inner peace, reduce stress, and provide joy through free movement to music. Anyone can start without any particular skills, just with an open heart and mind. Give it a try and connect with your inner self while embracing the freedom and power of dancing.

Play fighting

Set healthy boundaries during play fighting too. Practice effective communication and lead by example. Respect creates a safe environment for growth and positivity. Do not restrict yourself or others. Believe in your ability to communicate confidently and prioritize your well-being. Create positive change in your relationships and life

cooking together

"Let's come together, prepare and enjoy a delicious meal. By contributing in our own unique ways, we can cultivate a strong sense of community and feel purposeful and fulfilled. Join us at the table to celebrate our community and the power of collaboration. Breaking bread together reminds us of our shared humanity and limitless potential."

Artistic expression

Create art that reflects your journey and story. Don't worry about being the best or judged. Every stroke and color represents a moment or emotion. Your art has the power to inspire others, so paint boldly and embrace your masterpiece in progress.

“My journey with was nothing short of miraculous.

Before attending, anxiety gripped every aspect of my life, casting a heavy shadow on my days.

The retreat became my sanctuary of transformation. Under the expert guidance and in the embrace of the supportive community, I navigated the depths of my mind and emerged with a profound sense of calmness.

The anxiety that once defined me now feels like a distant memory. is not just a place; it’s a catalyst for metamorphosis. Grateful beyond words for this life-altering experience.”


Happy customers

“Before the retreat, depression colored my life.

The retreat, guided by compassionate facilitators, became a transformative journey.

Psychedelics, coupled with a supportive environment, lifted the weight of depression, revealing a renewed sense of purpose and joy. is a true sanctuary of healing, and I’m forever grateful for the light it reignited within me.”


“Discovering the Psychedelic Integration Group was a game-changer for me.

Beyond personal transformation, it fostered a deep sense of community.

Through heartfelt sessions and shared activities, I found a lifeline connecting us all on our paths to growth.

Grateful doesn’t begin to cover the depth of what I feel for this transformative experience and a newfound sense of belonging.”


Meet your Facilitators

 Jessika Lagarde is a trauma-informed plant medicine facilitator, integration coach, educator, and Women On Psychedelics co-founder. Jessika’s environmental work and psychedelic path have made her more aware not only of the crisis of our planet but also of how human disconnection is a direct cause of it. All of her work is informed by taking action in a way that serves the Earth and our human collective, in hopes of mobilizing inner healing towards outer action.

Thomas is a psychedelic facilitator, he bring a diverse training and expertise to guide transformative experiences.

With psychedelic training from the Synthesis Institute and Mind Foundation, my journey as a facilitator extends beyond psychedelics.

Trained as a breathwork and ecstatic dance facilitator, I integrate diverse modalities to create holistic, immersive experiences.

Certified in somatic trauma therapy and emotionally focused couples therapy, I am committed to fostering healing and growth on both individual and relational levels.

Your Questions answers


Our group is a year-long program that costs just £49 per month. We want to make sure we can provide the best experiences possible for all members, which is why we allocate funds toward venue rental, facilitators, materials, and equipment! It’s a great opportunity to connect with others and gain new skills. We look forward to having you join us!

Depending on the season, our amazing event will either be held indoors or outdoors. If you prefer the indoors, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve reserved a fabulous venue for you in Limehouse Town Hall in London. But if you’re an outdoors person, you’re in luck too! We’ve also secured a stunning outdoor location for you in Victoria Park, close to Hackney. We can’t wait to see you there!

We want you to know that we’re here to support your journey, and that means respecting your choices. You don’t have to participate in anything you’re not comfortable with; we want you to feel good about the choices you make. Let us know what we can do to help!

Great news – applying for our program is a breeze! Simply click on the “Apply Now” button and it’ll only take you around 3 minutes to complete the application process. Once you’ve applied, we’ll be in touch with you shortly to let you know all the details, including the start dates. If you have any questions or need any further information, feel free to reach out to us through our live chat or by clicking the “Contact Us” page. We’re here to help and we can’t wait to hear from you!

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